Class Descriptions


Essential Reformer

The next step after you have completed your intro series or private lessons.

Intermediate Equipment

Clients should know the basic exercises by name, how to set up their machines and use appropriate spring tension. Use of Reformer, Cadillac/Tower exercises, jumpboard & stability chair.

Jumpboard/Cardio Trampoline

No injuries or health concerns. This class will get your heart rate up with plyometric interval training using the jumpboard.

Advanced Equipment

Instructor invitation only. This class has the expectation of good form, body awareness, knowledge of exercises and independent safe set up of equipment for intermediate content.

ZEN•GA® Equipment/Reformer Plus!

This class is open to clients of all levels. The Reformer, Tower, mini balls & other props are used for support. Length, expansion, body awareness, breath and strength are emphasized.

Equipment Category

Matwork Category

Total Barre Classes™


We do lots of squats, leg lifts, lunges. If you can do these movements this class is for you!

All are welcome to drop in anytime. No prior experience necessary. (Not for clients with injuries or health concerns).

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STOTT PILATES Matwork - a multi level class for those comfortable with the basic pilates terminology and exercises. The instructor will provide modifications for all clients.

Pilates Mat Challenge - Get a great workout with your bodyweight & pilates props. This class is a challenge.

ZEN•GA®Mat/Fascia Movement - Focus on relaxation, stretch, breath, alignment, ease and flow. You will feel re-engerized with increased mobility and agility in the body. This class will use mini stability balls, bands and other pilates equipment for support. Experiential learning, increased mind body awareness and reduced tension in the body is the focus of this class. This class is open to all, no experience necessary.