MELT Method

MELT Method

Private lessons & group classes

This is open to anyone, no experience needed. Join anytime for this simple self care technique to add to your weekly routine. Single classes available.

Contact us with questions or if you need assistance. Private lessons available.

Regular MELT method group classes are on our group schedule and included as part of our ReConnect Saturday 11am class.

We carry MELT Method ball kits & rollers. Reach out to purchase and arrange a time to stop in & shop. We are a teaching studio and only in when working with clients. We want to be sure someone is available to assist you!

Visit the MELT Method website

What is Melt?

The MELT Method is a simple self-treatment method that eliminates chronic pain, improves performance, and decreases the accumulated stress caused by the repetitive postures and movements of everyday living.

The MELT Method is a science-backed self-care technique that anyone can use to stay active, enhance performance, and get out (and stay out) of pain.

The restoration happens through rehydration—improving fluid flow throughout the connective tissue system called fascia. With gentle techniques, we help restore fascia’s supportive, supple qualities and release unwanted compression and tension that leads to imbalance and misalignment, and chronic pain.

Here’s what MELT is not:

-It’s not exercise or a workout replacement

-It’s not stretching,

and (even though we’re technically assisted by soft foam rollers)

It’s not your typical foam rolling.

We think of it as Hands-Off Bodywork—it’s a technique that empowers you with the ability to treat yourself like a skilled, hands-on therapist.

MELT was created by manual therapist Sue Hitzmann, based in New York City, and it's now being taught across the country to groups and individuals by hundreds of instructors trained by Hitzmann.

The MELT Method is the very first Hands-off Bodywork® method developed for the general public as a self-care tool to prevent and relieve chronic pain. It’s an affordable addition to any wellness or fitness routine. For more about MELT, go to

Virtual Melt via Zoom

In studio MELT Method


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